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How to Build the Perfect Cheese Board

You know what pairs exceptionally well with our Bevefresco Beverage bags? Wine. And you know what pairs exceptionally well with wine? Cheese.  But, how do you know what cheese to put on your platter for your get together or party? Do you choose all mind cheeses because you aren't sure what your friends like, or do you pick a variety of cheeses that look a bit crazy but you're hoping they'll make you look like you know what you're talking about (even if you don't).

We're here to help you look like a cheese connoisseur the next time you have a cheeseboard displayed at your next event.  Cheese boards are perfect for every occasion, and they are just oh so fun to assemble for yourself and your best gals and pals.

Must Have Cheeses

Theres the classic rule of "one aged, one soft, and one blue" 

  • Aged: Cheddar, Gruyere, Gouda
  • Soft: Brie, Havarti, Munster, Port Salut
  • Blue: Stilton, Point-Reyes, French Roquefort

Kinds of boards to put your cheese on

  • Slate
  • Wood
  • Marble
  • Ceramic

Extras to add to your board

  • Pickles
  • Olives
  • Seasonal or dried fruits
  • Cured meats 
  • Jams 
  • Mustards

Serving tips

  • Offer bread and crackers (on separate areas of your cheese board) incase any guests have gluten allergies or sensitivities
  • Don't over crowd your board, you don't want cheese falling off when someone tries to cut themselves a piece
  • Label your cheeses and charcuteries (so people know what they're eating)

Post Party

If - by slim chance - you have cheese left, then wrap your cheese in wax paper to ensure it doesn't mold too quickly

(photos via Pinterest)


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